The Longman Young Children's Picture Dictionary offers a rich and stimulating environment for young children's first experience with the English language.

26 Main Topics: The contexts and situations in the dictionary reflect children's own lives: playing in the park, in the toy store, food, clothes, colors and shapes, playtime, etc.

4 Bonus Topics: The dictionary has bonus topics covering numbers, adjectives, weather and actions which provide even more flexibility.

Vocabulary: The 270+ words are spread across the 26 main topics and 4 bonus topics. Each main topic features 8-10 vocabulary words either in a list format or embedded into the picture. These give students a foundation for English learning.

Fun Alphabet Practice: Each main topic features a letter of the alphabet helping young learners master the alphabet in a fun and imaginative way.

Hidden Object: There is a hidden object in the main topic picture. The hidden object begins with the same letter as the alphabet letter being presented and draws young learners into the scene.

Endearing Characters: Familiar and fun characters will capture young learners' imagination creating a fun and motivating atmosphere.

Simple Dialogs: These age-appropriate dialogues allow young learners to describe their world.

Songs and Chants: Each topic contains an original song or chant by Carolyn Graham. Performing these fun songs and chants provide listening, intonation and rhythm practice and adds variety to the class.

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